Friday, September 7, 2012


Growing up with 2 sisters, I remember more than a few instances when we would fight. My parents would remind us that your sisters would turn out to be some of your best friends. Well, they were right!

Thank goodness for FaceTime because we can stay in touch even though we all live in different states. My younger sis Deina got married and now lives in Virginia with her hubs. He is doing his officer training right now, so they will only be there for a few months. Since they are only there short term, it has been a challenge for Deina to find a nursing job. She starts a temporary nursing position starting tomorrow, but since we have both been unemployed, for the past few months, we 'hang out' over FaceTime (cause we are cool like that). Basically it usually entails us talking for a bit and then since there is a 6 hour time difference between HI and VA, we set up our phones so I can wash my dishes and clean my kitchen while Deina makes dinner. Other times we watch TV (I.e., I put my phone up by the TV so we can watch together) and fold laundry. You know, totally normal!

Anyways, my sisters are awesome. They nuts, but I still love them! Go team Ige--er, kind of (technically we aren't all legally Ige's anymore)!

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