Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kai Takes the Bar - So the Bar Beard is GONE!

Hi Everyone,

Kai writing here.... so three weeks ago I took the BAR! Woohooo! Finally! After 3 years of school and then 2 intensive months of all-day studying for 6 days a week I am finally done (hopefully!)!!!

In preparation for the big event - the exam - I grew myself a "playoff beard!" Eh ladies... do you love it? Here's a pic of Nikki and I the weekend before the exam as we attended a Dodger Game. The Beard is looking good eh!

So, then the Tuesday of the exam finally rolled around. I was really nervous the night before and had that jittery feeling you get before a sporting event. For those of you who don't know, the exam consists of 3 days of testing. Days 1 and 3 are the same format consisting of 3hrs of 3 essays in the morning, followed by a 2hr lunch, and concluding with a 3hr written performance test. Day 2 consists of 3hrs of 100 multiple choice questions in the morning, then lunch, then 3hrs of 100 multiple choice questions in the afternoon.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were so taxing, painful, and stressful for me, but FINALLY, the exam came to an end. After it all I just felt numb. Seriously, I was like a zombie for like an hour. Luckily the hotel (where the exam was administered) had a jacuzzi so I took a dip for an hour or two. After that Nikki and went to Outback (thanks Mom for the gift card!). Here is a pic of me so relieved as I'm about to order at outback.

After all this was over, it was time for me to ... dun dun duhhhh... SHAVE THE BEARD! So I did, to Nikki's great relief, but I decided to have a little fun with it. Here is my first go at the shave... I went with the Fu Man Chu.

After that, we shaved it down a little bit more with the Zorro!

Ha ha ha... Now, unfortunately all the facial hair is gone and Kai is back to being regular old Kai. ha ha.