Monday, May 20, 2013

Interisland Weekend Hop

A few weeks ago we went to Oahu for the weekend for Ali Garcia's wedding.  It was kind of a last minute decision since we weren't planning on going, but Deina flew in since she was one of the bridesmaids, and then my mom decided last minute she would come for it.  Sooo, we decided we would fly over to see everyone.

We flew in Friday late afternoon and Deina and my mom picked us up from the airport. I had to leave straight from work, and since it was the first Friday of the month, I was wearing a bright blue t-shirt with yellow stars and the word STRIVE (think of a camp counselor t-shirt and thats what I looked like).  We had originally thought we would have time to go get ready for the reception, but ended up having to go straight, so we changed in the Hale Koa parking structure (I know, we are totally classy).  The reception was beautiful and Ali looked beautiful!  Of course, Aunty Lisa went all out and the food was amazing! 
Ali and Uncle Dave did a surprise choreographed daddy-daughter dance and it was sooo funny and cute!  They did dances to songs through the decades and ended it with Beyonce's 'Put a Ring on It'.  All of the speeches by David and Nathaniel's brothers were hilarious and touching all at the same time...the Japanese toast was hilarious and the guy totally spilled his drink on David (he was very energetic).  Then to top it all off, during their slide show, the alarms went off!  Of course, no one moved, but it was a false alarm.  Also, small of the guys on our table knew Kai since they went to the same CrossFit Certification back in 2009!  The guy's wife had been Ali's cheerleading coach!

Most of the people left, but there was a DJ (The Uale boys), so we danced to the electric slide, and some other jams.  Oh, and Mata, who I haven't seen in YEARS, was there since her husband was DJing.  She looked sooo good and has the cutest baby!  Even my mamma was getting down on the dancefloor :)

On our way out, Kai and mom were posing with the ice sculpture :)

That night we stayed at Aunty Lisa's apartment since Deina's sister in law Stacey and her husband were staying at my dad's apartment.


We brought my mom a shirt from our gym and I made her try it mom is soooo skinny!  I don't know what she has been doing, but I think it is safe to say she is the skinniest out of all of us!  Hopefully I look like that when I am 60!

Saturday we went shopping and then headed out to Kailua to see Joelle and the kids.  We swam and then Kai was knocked out!  On a side note, I lost to Cady at a swimming contest 3X!  And the sad part is that I was actually trying :)  I'm just taking comfort in the fact that she is the fastest swimmer in her class!

We went and ate Korean food that night with Aunty Nadine & Uncle Clayton, and then headed back to the apartment since Stacey and Henry flew out earlier in the day.  We hit up Pearlridge and got some boba, then Cinnabon, and then Coldstone to top it off!

My mom flew out early in the morning on Sunday, so we dropped her off at the airport at 5:30am, and then went back to sleep.  We ended up going to the single's ward since the time worked best for us.  Kind of funny since we had a pregnant girl, and a married couple which must have looked so funny!  Oh well.

That night, we  had dinner with Uncle Glen, Jodi (who is pregnant too!) and Sean, Jaime, Ken-e and the kids, and Jacie.  It was so good seeing them again!  Especially since Jaime and Ken-e are moving to Oregon in a few months! The food was great and then, the weekend was over :(  I had to fly back to coach CrossFit since Kai was staying on Oahu for a law event, so they dropped me off after dinner.  Hopefully we can make it back to Oahu sooner than later!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Quick note on the title of my post...back in college some friends and I took a trip to Vegas.  We had our fun and were trying to get some sleep when a drunk girl in the room next to us started screaming (think annoying high pitched voice), "I looooove Las Vegaaaas!'...over, and over, and over, and over again!  It was hilarious for about 2 minutes, and then it turned annoying.  BUT, now whenever I go to Vegas, I always think of that saying :)

(This post is long and I don't have many phone broke and so this is all that is left :P)  I got to go to Vegas again for a conference, so I booked a red-eye on Monday night. 

Getting There
 - After CrossFit, I took a shower at the gym and hit up good old BK (thats Burger King for those not in on the fast food acronyms) for a whopper before I had to catch my flight.  Lucky me, I sat next to a kid who smelled and a lady who wasn't scared to tell everyone that she was in Kauai visiting someone she met on Bleh.

 - Anyways, I decided to take the long layover in SLC again, so I got to see Jos, Junie, and Peejy Peej!  We went to City Creek, but then instead of going to Kneaders, we hit up Chik-fil-A (Mostly because I love Chik-fil-A and haven't had it in forever)!  Can I just say, Junie is the cutest!  She walked through Forever 21, tried on a bunch of sunglasses, pulled a few tops off the racks and said, "Oooh!" and "Wow!".  She is hilarious!

 - I stayed at the Encore this time and it was super nice!  My conference was at the Mandarin  (which is SUPER SUPER SUPER nice and where I wish I had stayed, but oh well.)  Kai came a few days later and we were able to do a lot of stuff:

Eating Out
 - Kai and I wanted buffet breakfast so we went to the Encore's buffet...unfortunately for us, we were late by a few minutes, so there was no waffles, bacon, pancakes, and all the other delicious breakfast foods.  Luckily for us, their lunch buffet wasn't too shabby either :)
- Nat & Felix were on their way to Coachella, but we met up with them for dinner as they were passing through.  We were debating on where to go, and since we were by Town Center, the choice was down to Yard House or Claim Jumper.  We ended up going to Claim Jumper, which we usually love, but after this last trip, we probably won't go for a while.  The food was just okay :P 
- On Thursday, I made Kai come with me to Fashion Show and shop...then we were starving so we went to Maggianos.  It was soooo good!  We started out with the bread, then had calamari as an appetizer (I was full on bread and calamari by the time my meal came out).  I ordered the lobster carbonara and Kai had a seafood canneloni, but as always, mine was better than Kai's :)  By the time we had eaten maybe half of the dinner, we were stuffed, but I knew I wanted dessert, soooo, we ordered a banana pound cake with ice cream to go (we go all out when we are on the mainland since Kauai doesn't have too many food options).  Our waiter was awesome and had extra strawberries packed for us since he heard me say I like them!  By the time we walked back to the hotel, my stomache had made enough room to enjoy the delicious dessert!

 - Friday, Monica and Chey came down from St George and took us to dinner at PF Changs!  I remember when it first opened in Utah and we used to always want  to go there for special occasions, but I hadn't been in forever!  We got the famous lettuce wraps, and then everyone ordered one thing to share family style.  My order was the honey walnut shrimp, which did not disappoint.  The food was all good, and then of course, we had to have dessert.  Chey is Kai's younger sister and I can always count on her to share a dessert.  I love love desserts and so does she, so even when we are full, we will still want to look at the dessert menu, and then usually we end up getting something (One of the reasons I love that girl)!  We shared my favorite, the banana spring rolls with the pina colada ice cream!  It was the best!  Oh, and they had this small sample dessert menu where each thing was like $4/each or you could get 4 for $12.  Anyways, Kai decided he wanted to try some of them and ordered 3 and the waiter was like, um, do you want one more?  And Kai said no, and then the waiter told him, well you can pretty much get one for free since it was the same price :)  Sooo, naturally, we got one more...and they were all tastey!
 - We had talked to Mark, Kai's dad, and decided that we wanted to go eat Brazilian food.  We usually go to Texas de Brazil, and so we all were thinking that was where we were going, but then one of Mark's patients gave him a deal at a place called Yolie's, which is also a Brazilian place, so Mark took us there.  We get there and this place was empty, except for us and one other party.  It looked like it was probably a super nice place...back in the 80s!  I think we were all kind of bummed when we got there since it was definitely no Texas de Brazil, but we figured we could give it a try!  Kai's little sister's came and they were hilarious!  They had the napkins folded nicely into what looked like little hats, so Kai put his on his head.  Then JJ wanted to do the same thing, but the waiter came by just at that time and opened her napkin for her (like the waiters do at nice places).  JJ looked so bummed, but it was hilarious!  Then, this lady came over with a pina colada from the bar and asked who at our table ordered it.  No one had, but when we saw it, it looked really good, so we ended up ordering some for us.  Anyhow, this woman went 0 for 3 that in  she never got the drinks to the right place on the first try!  The girls just wanted macaroni and cheese, which they didn't have, so they settled for the bread.  When we ran out, we asked for more and they didn't want to give us any since they said we would get full on the bread and not have room for the meat!  Well, finally after about 3 times of asking, they finally brought out more!  In the end, I am really glad we went to Yolie's.  Texas de Brazil is super good (and they have the cheese balls that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!), but it is so loud and crazy in there.  We were able to talk and laugh without yelling, and the meat was really good!  So good that we all left super full!
CrossFit 702
 - We have 6am CrossFit classes every day at our gym, so we are up bright and early on most days.  I was really excited to have a small break from that, so imagine my surprise when Kai told me we would be going to CrossFit 702 at...6am!  Yup, count the time difference between HI and NV and it is like working out at 3am!  Plus, I had to get to my conference by 8am, so I had to pack up all my stuff to get ready for work (luckily for me I am pretty good at packing up my stuff since I do it so frequently these days).  Well, we went and it was death by handstand push ups.  That was fine, but then once you fail on the hanstand push ups, you do 3 partner airdyne sprints.  Well, I am a whiner and I will be the first to tell you I hate running and rowing, but I found another thing to add to that list!  It is called the airdyne (which we just ordered for our gym)! I think it might be the worst ever!  My quads were burning, my lungs were on fire, and I couldn't really walk after I got off that thing!  AAAND, to top it off, my amazing husby decided to film me doing my 3rd sprint and then he generously posted it on FB w/out telling me!  If you are privileged enough to find it and watch it, you will see my true feelings toward that thing.  BUT, of course, the fact that I hate it means that it is actually really a great thing to have!  I look forward to using them at our place (kinda-sorta)!

La Reve
 - We decided that we wanted to see a show this trip so after some research, we decided to see La Reve at the Wynn.  I read a bunch of reviews that said it was better than the Cirque shows.  So, we splurged and bought our tickets.   It was pretty awesome, but of course, I was falling asleep by 10pm and was glad when it was over.  I thought the visual effects and stunts were cool, but Kai was not that impressed.  He said he thought 'O' was a lot better.  Guess i'll have to see it next time we are there!

Us before the show with our snacks.
After the show I was trying to get the cool colors, but obviously my photography skills are limited :P

 - The first day of our conference, they took us to lunch at Twist, the rooftop restaurant at the Mandarin.  Usually conference food is a chicken or fish entree, but we had filet mignon, and it was soooooo amazing!  Everything we had was so good that everyone ate EVERYTHING on their was that good!
- I dropped my phone out of my back pocket into the toilet and broke it (this year has not been a good one for me and phones).  I had a bunch of pictures and videos that are now lost :(  
- Kai is convinced that I have a shopping problem since my entire trip revolved around shopping and eating out :)  What can I say, I love eating and I love shopping!