Monday, May 20, 2013

Interisland Weekend Hop

A few weeks ago we went to Oahu for the weekend for Ali Garcia's wedding.  It was kind of a last minute decision since we weren't planning on going, but Deina flew in since she was one of the bridesmaids, and then my mom decided last minute she would come for it.  Sooo, we decided we would fly over to see everyone.

We flew in Friday late afternoon and Deina and my mom picked us up from the airport. I had to leave straight from work, and since it was the first Friday of the month, I was wearing a bright blue t-shirt with yellow stars and the word STRIVE (think of a camp counselor t-shirt and thats what I looked like).  We had originally thought we would have time to go get ready for the reception, but ended up having to go straight, so we changed in the Hale Koa parking structure (I know, we are totally classy).  The reception was beautiful and Ali looked beautiful!  Of course, Aunty Lisa went all out and the food was amazing! 
Ali and Uncle Dave did a surprise choreographed daddy-daughter dance and it was sooo funny and cute!  They did dances to songs through the decades and ended it with Beyonce's 'Put a Ring on It'.  All of the speeches by David and Nathaniel's brothers were hilarious and touching all at the same time...the Japanese toast was hilarious and the guy totally spilled his drink on David (he was very energetic).  Then to top it all off, during their slide show, the alarms went off!  Of course, no one moved, but it was a false alarm.  Also, small of the guys on our table knew Kai since they went to the same CrossFit Certification back in 2009!  The guy's wife had been Ali's cheerleading coach!

Most of the people left, but there was a DJ (The Uale boys), so we danced to the electric slide, and some other jams.  Oh, and Mata, who I haven't seen in YEARS, was there since her husband was DJing.  She looked sooo good and has the cutest baby!  Even my mamma was getting down on the dancefloor :)

On our way out, Kai and mom were posing with the ice sculpture :)

That night we stayed at Aunty Lisa's apartment since Deina's sister in law Stacey and her husband were staying at my dad's apartment.


We brought my mom a shirt from our gym and I made her try it mom is soooo skinny!  I don't know what she has been doing, but I think it is safe to say she is the skinniest out of all of us!  Hopefully I look like that when I am 60!

Saturday we went shopping and then headed out to Kailua to see Joelle and the kids.  We swam and then Kai was knocked out!  On a side note, I lost to Cady at a swimming contest 3X!  And the sad part is that I was actually trying :)  I'm just taking comfort in the fact that she is the fastest swimmer in her class!

We went and ate Korean food that night with Aunty Nadine & Uncle Clayton, and then headed back to the apartment since Stacey and Henry flew out earlier in the day.  We hit up Pearlridge and got some boba, then Cinnabon, and then Coldstone to top it off!

My mom flew out early in the morning on Sunday, so we dropped her off at the airport at 5:30am, and then went back to sleep.  We ended up going to the single's ward since the time worked best for us.  Kind of funny since we had a pregnant girl, and a married couple which must have looked so funny!  Oh well.

That night, we  had dinner with Uncle Glen, Jodi (who is pregnant too!) and Sean, Jaime, Ken-e and the kids, and Jacie.  It was so good seeing them again!  Especially since Jaime and Ken-e are moving to Oregon in a few months! The food was great and then, the weekend was over :(  I had to fly back to coach CrossFit since Kai was staying on Oahu for a law event, so they dropped me off after dinner.  Hopefully we can make it back to Oahu sooner than later!

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