Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mr and Mrs McMeaty

Ok, so her last name isn't really McMeaty, but since I wasn't in PTown when they first met and started dating, i had no idea what he looked like. All i heard was that he was "a big guy, but not fat, just big". Sooo, i decided to nickname him McMeaty, which seemed like a fitting name. Aaand, the nickname stuck, and my mom even referred to him as McMeaty a few times :) Anyhow, it's finally official. My younger sister is officially married! I still can't believe that little Deinas is now a wife (weird)!

Of course what kind of wedding would it be if there were no hiccups? The wedding was on Tuesday and Sunday night (which was also Fathers Day) my parents were having all of Andrew's family over for dinner. My grandparents were also flying in on Sunday so Natalie and I were going to pick them up from the airport. Sunday morning, Nat called and said she thought she had food poisoning and had been throwing up. We told her to rest and so she could come over for the dinner. That night she wasn't feeling any better so she didn't make it over to meet everyone. Monday morning Kai and I went to Crossfit and then I got a text that Natalie was in the hospital and she needed to have an appendectomy!

I hope Nat doesn't kill me for posting this pic...she hadn't really slept at all for a day and a half AND she was throwing up the majority of the time :(

The surgery schedule was full for the day, but one of the nurses who heard that Deina was getting married the next day told Natalie,'I'm technically not supposed to tell you this, but if your pain gets worse your surgery could get moved up.' Sooo, we got lucky and she got the surgery Mon afternoon.

Anyhow, Nat powered through and made it to take pics at the temple and at the reception! The weather was as perfect as it could be and everything worked out great!

Congrats again to the happy couple! Love you guys! (and I'm jealous you went to Tahiti without me!!!)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Attorney Swearing In: Take 2

I have always heard about how horrible studying for and taking the Bar exam is, and Kai got to do it twice!

Luckily for him, it wasn't because he didn't pass the first time, but because he took both the California and Hawaii State Bar Exams.

Being the supportive wife I am (I worked to pay for the aforementioned bar study courses and exams), when he passed the CA exam and needed to get sworn in, I didn't realize that it was a big deal. Kai went to Pepperdine and had one of the notaries there swear him in and apparently after, a lady came up and gave him a hug because she felt bad that no one was there for him (In my defense, I had to work and couldn't get off).

Anyhow, thank goodness he passed the HI bar, so there was another swearing in.

(Random side note: Kai's hair was getting pretty long and he had been saying that he was going to cut it for at least a week. Of course the days kept going by and his hair was just getting longer. On a Tuesday night, I finally just made him cut it, even though he was tired and didn't want to. Good thing he did cause the next morning they told him one if the judges was going to swear him in that afternoon!)

Kai mid haircut :)

Anyways, I got a text from Kai at 10:50 saying that I needed to be at the courthouse at 11:15 for the swearing, so I scrambled to shower and get on the road by 11:05. I made it just in time :)

It was actually pretty cool. Judge Senda came out and read the oath that Kai had to raise his arm and repeat back (he only messed up once ;) and a bunch of his co-workers came to watch. Then he signed this paper and it was done!

Now the real attorney work begins! Kai is starting in traffic, so don't drive drunk in Kauai or Kai will prosecute you!

Left: Kai and Judge Senda / Right: Kai's co-workers who came to support
Bottom: Celebratory lunch at Dukes :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day Memories

A little while back, Kai and I had tried to get on a catamaran trip (a friend works for a catamaran cruise company), but our plans were foiled when there weren't enough people to take the boat out.  Well, our luck changed on Memorial Day!  I figured it would probably be packed since it was a holiday, but when we texted our friend in the morning, he said he could get us spots on the afternoon Na Pali catamaran cruise! 

So, we took our dramamine, and headed to Port Allen!  We had thought it was a snorkeling cruise, so we brought our snorkel gear, towels, and wore our bathing suits.  We met up with Kylie (our friend's wife), and their friends who were visiting.  I think we were the only ones wearing swimsuits out of everyone on the boat. 

Anyways, we boarded and then the captain did his welcome speech where he said, "If you feel sick, do NOT go into the bathrooms as they are the WORST place you can be."  Instead he said, if you do feel sick, head to the back of the boat since that is the more stable. 

The catamaran had two trampoline areas on the front where Kylie said it is fun to sit on.  We got our drinks and headed out to the tramps.  There was only 1 other couple who sat in the front and they both were wearing jeans, so once the waves started splashing up, they were gone :)

Our group at the front of the catamaran
The weather was perfect, and once we turned the point to see the Na Pali coast, it was seriously amazing!  It was pretty awesome to see all the peaks (we saw the point where we camped at a while back).  Plus, there was a wild fire, so there were helicopters going back and forth getting water from the ocean. 

Typically what happens is you motor to the far end of the coast and then they put up the sail and sail back while you have dinner.  Unfortunately for us, there was a lady who couldn't handle the boat rocking and so she started having panic attacks and was saying she might have a heart attack if we stopped the boat, so in the interest of her health, we had to motor back.  I did feel bad for her, but lets be honest, I was also a little irritated because they tell you before you book that there is a potential for considerable amount of waves (you are on a catamaran in the ocean after all), so if you aren't comfortable with that, why would you go on the trip?!  Sooo, we had a motor the ENTIRE trip...I'm definitely looking forward to sailing a bit next time ;)

Check out that view!!!

Kai got really sleepy on the way back, so he knocked out on the tramp.  Once they announced that dinner was ready, he was up and ready to go!  Surprisingly, the food was actually really good (although, it could also have been that we were just really hungry :)  They had tri-tip with sauteed mushrooms, teri chicken, rice, salad, corn, and rolls.  Then for dessert, they had these pineapple bars that were pretty tastey!

 By the time we finished dinner, the sun was starting to set, so it started getting cooler.  Kai and I were done with getting wet, so I sat in the front middle area where you should be able to stay relatively dry.  Kylie had talked about how it is awesome to lay on your stomach on the trampoline so when you hit waves, you can go flying up in the air.  It sounded so fun, but being wet with the wind AND the sun going down, I figured it would be best to stay dry.  Anyhow, as we were enjoying our ride back, a HUGE wave hit us and completely drenched us AND our towels.  At that point, I figured, what the heck, I guess I might as well try out Kylie's recommendation.  

I had a couple of people join me on the tramp...they were cray cray in their jeans and tshirts...I was in my swimsuit and I was freeeeeeezing!  It was to the point where I was just wishing the water would splash up on me since it was warmer than the air.  BUT, it was seriously soooo fun!  Check out my Medusa hair :)

According to the people watching from behind the cabin windows, I got some pretty good air :)

And to end the day, we had a beautiful sunset.  I tried (again) to see the green flash, but I guess i'll just have to keep trying...I saw nothing!

Happy Memorial Day!