Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Waimea Canyon Camping!

Yep... That's Kalalau lookout. It seriously is like the coolest most serene spot in the world. We were lucky because sometimes this lookout point is all clouded up and you can't see a thing. It was so sweet.

Clouds kept moving in and out of the valley and we seriously were up higher then they were. It was very cool.

The weather was perfect too. I think I need to start coming up here to do some High Altitude Training to get ready for Xfit next year.

This Pic below is our campsite. Seriously we were right at the at the edge of a cliff that looked out over the sea. Don't ask me how we got there cuz i don't remember...we weren't the ones driving.

We decided to do some Sunset poses and i went to my classic Karate Kid pose...someday I'll get that kick head-high....maybe.

-----NIkki's got some Karate Moves (her real name is Mulan) too as you can see! Hi YAH>>>> Nice Kick!

Then We decided to see what we'd look like if we were a giant Nikki/Kai Monster... here it is.... UGLY!

This is me failing at a handstand on the cliff edge....don't worry...I pulled a Tom Cruise from MI2 and caught myself on the ledge and one-armed it back up to safety. (jk)

What's this???? Nikki's got more Karate moves?!!! Whoa ...straight up Morpheus pose here! Nice! .... Don't Mess!


Thought I'd be paleo and flint and steel my fire to didn't work...but it did get me all sweaty....and stinky =( (jk)

On the cliff edge!!! Scary! (not really....but seriouslly nikki had some vertigo going on and was almost freaking out!)

Whaaaat!?!?! This was awesome...there was this rock you could go sit right on the edge on! That serously is like 1000ft high!

The cliffedge again....right at the edge of our campsite!

Thanks to our good friends Kevin and Tylie - we again had an awesome outdoor adventure in Kauai!

Here's a picture of them cooking up a some delicious hippie muffins (minus the weed of course)! mmmmm scrumptous!

So this camping spot is way up waimea canyon and on the way there we saw a place that reminded us of home (*sigh*)
This awesome redrock is up there and it looked just like southern utah... it was kinda cool

So after stopping there we took a look at Waimea Canyon.  Its super cool because it is so much different from the other side of the island.

Welll this trip was awesome! Camping is soo fun. We ate tasty paleo dinners and non paleo smores and bananaboats...mmmm it was the best! Time to go buy an SUV and real camping gear! (like a dutch oven!!!)