Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I realize that our blog has been pretty much ignored for the past while so I finally decided to post about our One Year Anniversary/Kai finished the bar cruise!

I had never been on a cruise before and thought what would be better than a cruise with all you can eat food 24/7...not to mention it was going to Catalina and Ensenada for 4 nights! I found a decent deal online, so we decided to book it.

Day 1: Bon Voyage!!!

So the first day, we boarded the ship and they gave us raffle tickets for spa treatments. You had to be present to win the raffle and we were literally the last people to put in our tickets before they started picking out the winners.

The first treatment was for an Ionothermie treatment, valued at $160 and that is supposed to help people lose an average of 8 inches off their body in 1 treatment. Then they read out the winner...Kai Lawrence (which was the same as if they called out Nikki Ige...eh, I mean Lawrence)!

Our room had a secret cubbyhole!

Day 2: Catalina

Tuesday morning we were in Catalina, but before we started our day on the island, I got to go to my spa treatment. I was all excited and ready for some quality R&R, not to mention losing 8 inches off my body :)

So the girl comes and takes me in this room and explains that this procedures gets rid of toxins that cause cellulite. Then she gives me this panty thing that is really baggy, and tells me to put it on and we can look at my 'trouble areas'. I put it on, and she starts looking at my body and tells me, 'See how your legs come out and touch in the middle? That is cellulite and its probably been there for about 6-7 years.' I realize that my body is not in tip top shape, but I think the obvious would've been to address the love handles before cellulite on my legs!

Then the girl starts measuring my body so we can see how good the treatment works. I'm skeptical at this point, so i'm watching her measure and she is being very generous with her measurements. Once that was done, she puts this algae stuff on me and tells me to lay down on this table. At this point, I asked her if she could turn up the heat in the room since I am basically naked and freezing. What does she tell me? 'Unfortunately we can't control the temperature in this room and it has to stay this temperature for the procedure to work.'

The actual procedure involved a clay mixture and those electrode things that can flex your muscles (think those 6 min ab belts that use electric currents to contract your muscles). She puts them on my abs and my thighs and turns it on. It was NOT relaxing at all...in fact, it was uncomfortable the entire time! I had to stay on this machine thing for like 20 minutes, and while i'm being electrocuted, the girl starts telling me about how this treatment is just a start and how 'no amount of diet or exercise will get rid of the cellulite'. The solution? Buy the 36 day package (because she thinks thats all it will take to get rid of everything), which btw costs $600! I told her, um, thats alright...its not in the budget and i'm not dieting as it is, so obviously I am not committed to getting rid of it. She keeps explaining and drawing on her paper how cellulite forms, and i'm just waiting to be done.

Finally, after the electrocution part is done, she tells me, the results actually were really great, so now she thinks I would only need the 24 day package, which only costs $300! So, I had to go through the talk with her again on how i'm not interested. And if anything I told her I would research it online and buy it there...to which she says, 'You can only buy it on the ship.' By this time, I was over it, and she took the measurements (and she was pulling the tapemeasure really tight) and surprise...I lost 8 inches! Hahaha! Then she asks AGAIN if I am interested in the package! Basically, I was so happy when the treatment was over and I was done.

Sooo, after the electrocution treatment, we got off the boat and went to explore Catalina. It was a nice day and so we decided to rent a tandem bike and bike around a bit. The lady at the bike rental place told us there was a botanical garden that we could bike to, so we decided to go there first. There was a gradual incline all the way up, and then the gears on the bike weren't working the best, so we were getting tired quickly. Of course, while we are going up the hill on our bike, tons of people are passing us on golf carts and looking at us with pity :)

One of our breaks on our ride up to the botanical gardens.

We finally made it to the garden...and didn't even go in since it cost money (yup, we are cheap) and bikes were not allowed in :)

After that, we coasted down the hill and biked around to the other areas before we had to to return the bike. I failed on the picture taking front, but the rest of the day included walking to this little beach, trying to get a spot to lay out on the tiny little beach area while Kai swam out in the FREEZING cold water, hitting up the local Vons to buy motion sickness pills, and waiting in a LONG line for the little boats to take us back to the ship.

To top off the day, it was formal night, so we got dressed and went to a nice dinner of steak and lobster…and of course, chocolate molten cake with extra scoops of ice cream!

We were in the later dinner group, so by the time we finished dinner, it was almost 10pm, which was when the ship’s dance performance was going to happen! Our server told us it was a great show, so naturally, we went to check it out. It was amazing! I wasn’t expecting the best performance of my life, but seriously…the dancers were horrible (not on beat, not in sync with the other dancers, ugly facial expressions, etc.)! It was so bad I just had to laugh! Then, to top it off, the 2 singers were a mother-boy looking combo! The woman looked like she could be the man’s mother (although she was in great shape), but they were singing their little hearts out. Plus, at one point in the show, they started tossing out beach balls and one hit the cocktail waitress who spilled about 5 drinks on this one man, so he was SOAKED in alcohol! Long story short, it was a classic performance…we left early cause we couldn’t take that much excitement.

Thats all for now...i'll blog about the rest of the trip later :)