Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hideaways! Perfect Surf Spot ... FOR EXPERTS!

A couple weeks back some good friends of ours from CrossFit took us to a sweet surf spot here called Hide-a-ways. It was sweet. It is a little bit of a treacherous hike down some scary cliff/stairs to the beach (next time we go we'll take pictures, but carrying a surfboard down doesn't exactly make for easy picture taking), but it is worth it. The beach is pristine and gorgeous and the waves are super nice.

This pic doesn't do the beach justice. It was so pretty.

So we told our buddy we were beginners and so we shouldn't be going into anything too heavy. He said Hide-a-ways may be out of our league, but there may be a section to the right that would be mellow enough for me and Nikki. So Nik and I loaded up our longboards and headed out there with him. He showed us how to paddle through a break in the reef so we wouldn't ding our boards or rip up our hands.

Here I am with a sweet board from an awesome surfer lady in my ward. She rules and she can shred.

As we got out towards the waves, we found that they were pretty mellow...but the further we got out there the more crazy it got! ... and it got crazy fast! Nikki was behind me when a huge wave crashed on me. I popped up quick to look back to check on nikki and all I saw was her board flying in the air. She's a trooper though and she got back on and kept paddling.

Another big wave came and I was in a good position to just paddle over it. Nikki is loco though and she charged it! She turned her board around and paddled into it. Again, the only thing I saw when I looked back was nikki's board flying in the air.

I paddled into the next wave, and actually caught it surprisingly, and made it right close to nikki who was coming out of the water and climbing on her board. The waves were getting bigger and bigger and she looked at me and said..."I think i'm done." hahahaha! We paddled it in after that.

I went back out with my buddies after a bit while Nikki caught some sun on the shore. All in all it was a fun day. The waves were huge and the beach was amazing. We love this place.

This is me paddling back into the waves after we was huge!

Btw...nikki got water in her ear and now she can't hear out of one ear! She went to a doctor straight out of the 70's on Oahu (seriously, they still used typewriters at his office) and he was no help! He gave her NOSE spray....NOSE spray! Come-ON! She's got an EAR problem doc! hahaha.