Tuesday, August 28, 2012


When we moved to Kauai at the beginning of the year, we had a bunch of people say they would come visit us, but we haven't had too many people follow through.  BUT, some of our close friends Dan and Brittany came to visit us a few weeks ago!  We were counting down the days and when it finally got here, we had a great time!  They got in late Friday night, so we had to cram a lot in to the rest of the weekend.

 Dan wanted to surf, so we went to Waiohai on the South Shore so he and Kai could surf.  We took them on the back roads got a quick pic overlooking Menehune Fish Pond.  Of course, for whatever reason, this is the only pic for the day!  


We also hit up Wailua Falls and jumped between the waterfalls!  It was pretty crazy because when you get behind the waterfall, there is a TON of water coming down, and its kind of scary because you don't want to get held under the water when you jump!  Britt was scared, but she still did it!  Of course, I was just as scared as she was, but oddly enough, when someone else is scared, it is easier to be 'brave' :)  Anyhow, we all decided it was well worth it!

To top off the night, we grilled up burgers at our house and then headed to Donkey's to have a bonfire (it may or may not have included smores).  Of course, only here will you open a new bag of graham crackers and have them be not crunchy due to the humidity :) 

Some friends in our ward let us borrow their kayaks, but since Kai had to work all week, we had to go at 5pm when Kai got off.  Ideally we had wanted to go to Secret Falls, but I had figured since we were starting late, we would only go to the rope swing.  I didn't want to be paddling back in the dark, but when we got to the ropeswing, Kai was convinced that we had enough time.  Sooo, we paddled up to the spot where you start the hike.  Once again, I said it was too far, but we started hiking anyway!  Of course, as is usually the case (hehehe), I was right and it was getting dark AND we were not even close!  As we hiked out, it was getting dark, which meant the frogs were out!  I do not do well when frogs jump, so I scared everyone with my shreiks when frogs would jump right in front of me :)

By the time we actually got back to drop off the kayaks, it was totally dark, and Marks Place (our dinner plan), was closed...sooo, we decided on our backup plan.  The Courtyard Marriott poolside bar :)  As always, they didn't disappoint!  Their Paniolo Burger (formerly called the Maui Burger) is the BEST and the firepit by the pool is as relaxing as it gets! 

Anyhow, hopefully this gives some of our other friends motivation to come visit!  :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Family Time

Once again, I'm behind on posting, so here we go again with a quick update.

Mark and Stacey came to visit with their little girls a few weeks back.  They stayed with us a few nights and then a guy in our ward was able to get an amazing (seriously....if it wasn't for him, they would've been stuck at our place) deal on a condo at a resort in Princeville, so we stayed on the north shore for the weekend!

Although they really wanted to just relax and go to the pool, we dragged them out to a few places...we couldn't let them come all the way to Hawaii and not see anything :)

Our 1 bedroom housed 6 people for a few nights :)

 Clockwise from top left: Eating at Da Booze Shop (they don't actually sell any booze), Waimea Canyon Lookout (couldn't leave without Mark's token handstand pic), Kalalau Lookout


 Top: Catching geckos and swings on the bike path (while Mark & Stacey did a crossfit workout)
Bottom: Stand up paddling and jumping off the pier at Hanalei 

On our drive back from Hanalei, we stopped to check out the sunset and I made the girls take a pic :)

We did a few other things, but I don't have pictures.  I think they had a fun trip though!