Monday, December 6, 2010

Dinner in the Dark

A few weeks back, Kai and I had signed up to feed the missionaries. At about 5:45pm, we were finishing up our preparations when the power went out. In London, the sun goes down around 4:45pm, so if the power goes out, it is dark. Anyways, the power going out isn't completely unusual for us (sadly), but its always the fuse that we just have to switch back on, and things are fixed. So I made my way over to our fuse box, but nothing worked. Kai went upstairs to see if anyone else's power was out, but of course, it was only us. We called our landlord, who said the best he could do would be to have someone come over at 8pm to look at it. Thankfully, I was actually on time making dinner (if you know me, you know I am almost ALWAYS running late :) so luckily the dinner was ready.

So 6pm came around and the missionaries showed up to our romantic dinner lit by one candle, and a laptop that was about to run out of battery. Not wanting to put them off schedule, all of us huddled around the candle and had dinner in the dark! I kept thinking that the lights would magically come on, but nothing happened except for the laptop running out of battery.

Dinner was good and the guys ate it all (thanks to Kai and the Tongan elder), but our dessert plan, which was apple struedel and ice cream, wasn't gonna happen since the power was still out. Sooo, instead, I took our toaster down the hall, plugged it into an outlet in front of one of our neighbors' doors, and made nutella toast and ice cream (yup...can you say GHETTO!!!)

Anyways, long story short, everything worked out fine. The guy who came to look at it 8pm couldn't fix it, so we had to be in the dark for the night and luckily for us, we left the next morning for Paris! That post to come :)