Sunday, June 24, 2012

Attorney Swearing In: Take 2

I have always heard about how horrible studying for and taking the Bar exam is, and Kai got to do it twice!

Luckily for him, it wasn't because he didn't pass the first time, but because he took both the California and Hawaii State Bar Exams.

Being the supportive wife I am (I worked to pay for the aforementioned bar study courses and exams), when he passed the CA exam and needed to get sworn in, I didn't realize that it was a big deal. Kai went to Pepperdine and had one of the notaries there swear him in and apparently after, a lady came up and gave him a hug because she felt bad that no one was there for him (In my defense, I had to work and couldn't get off).

Anyhow, thank goodness he passed the HI bar, so there was another swearing in.

(Random side note: Kai's hair was getting pretty long and he had been saying that he was going to cut it for at least a week. Of course the days kept going by and his hair was just getting longer. On a Tuesday night, I finally just made him cut it, even though he was tired and didn't want to. Good thing he did cause the next morning they told him one if the judges was going to swear him in that afternoon!)

Kai mid haircut :)

Anyways, I got a text from Kai at 10:50 saying that I needed to be at the courthouse at 11:15 for the swearing, so I scrambled to shower and get on the road by 11:05. I made it just in time :)

It was actually pretty cool. Judge Senda came out and read the oath that Kai had to raise his arm and repeat back (he only messed up once ;) and a bunch of his co-workers came to watch. Then he signed this paper and it was done!

Now the real attorney work begins! Kai is starting in traffic, so don't drive drunk in Kauai or Kai will prosecute you!

Left: Kai and Judge Senda / Right: Kai's co-workers who came to support
Bottom: Celebratory lunch at Dukes :)

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