Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mr and Mrs McMeaty

Ok, so her last name isn't really McMeaty, but since I wasn't in PTown when they first met and started dating, i had no idea what he looked like. All i heard was that he was "a big guy, but not fat, just big". Sooo, i decided to nickname him McMeaty, which seemed like a fitting name. Aaand, the nickname stuck, and my mom even referred to him as McMeaty a few times :) Anyhow, it's finally official. My younger sister is officially married! I still can't believe that little Deinas is now a wife (weird)!

Of course what kind of wedding would it be if there were no hiccups? The wedding was on Tuesday and Sunday night (which was also Fathers Day) my parents were having all of Andrew's family over for dinner. My grandparents were also flying in on Sunday so Natalie and I were going to pick them up from the airport. Sunday morning, Nat called and said she thought she had food poisoning and had been throwing up. We told her to rest and so she could come over for the dinner. That night she wasn't feeling any better so she didn't make it over to meet everyone. Monday morning Kai and I went to Crossfit and then I got a text that Natalie was in the hospital and she needed to have an appendectomy!

I hope Nat doesn't kill me for posting this pic...she hadn't really slept at all for a day and a half AND she was throwing up the majority of the time :(

The surgery schedule was full for the day, but one of the nurses who heard that Deina was getting married the next day told Natalie,'I'm technically not supposed to tell you this, but if your pain gets worse your surgery could get moved up.' Sooo, we got lucky and she got the surgery Mon afternoon.

Anyhow, Nat powered through and made it to take pics at the temple and at the reception! The weather was as perfect as it could be and everything worked out great!

Congrats again to the happy couple! Love you guys! (and I'm jealous you went to Tahiti without me!!!)


  1. Holy moly...poor thing! I had one in 6th grade, so good on her for toughing it up for her wedding day. geez!! But whatever bc she looks gorgeous, and that dress!!

  2. That is awful!! Poor girl. Can't believe she got married right after. Beautiful!

  3. Omigosh poor Nat! I can't believe Deina is married too and I can definitely see the McMeaty part, hahaha. So funny, I love all of your guys' nicknames!