Monday, September 3, 2012

2 years and 20 days later...

So this post is 20 days past due, but oh well!  On August 14, 2 years ago, Kai and I got married!  It seriously feels like time just keeps flying by!

I'm not gonna lie and say every day has been amazing, because lets be honest, there have been multiple occasions when I wonder (and i'm sure Kai thinks the same thing), 'What the hell was I thinking?!'  BUT, thankfully, there are many more times when we have lots of fun together and we remember why we got married in the first place!

Since becoming Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kai Lawrence, taking time off Tuesday through Thursday is extremely difficult since he has court all those days.  Sooo, since our anniversary fell on a Tuesday, we decided to postpone our anniversary celebrations to the weekend.  Our plan was to splurge and do a helicopter tour, which didn't end up happening :P  We had talked about it for months, but of course, when it came down to scheduling, we didn't schedule early enough, so we are now going to go for my birthday :)

The actual day included, me dropping Kai off at work, running errands, picking him up, and then since we are both injured and unable to really crossfit these days, we came home and played a few games of Settlers of Catan against each other (I know its supposed to be a 3+ person game, but we make it work!).  Then, at my request, we went to one of my favorite dinner places...Panda Express!  Haha!  I admit it.  I love Panda, but of course, since it is not 'Paleo', our days of eating out there are extremely limited.  Anyhow, Kai agreed, so we headed over, got our food, and ate in the little courtyard at the shopping center.  Then, for dessert, we stopped into Papaya's (the local health foods store), and bought some coconut date bites (they are pretty tastey and healthy too!).  Of course, we ran into someone from our ward and I think they felt bad for us when they found out it was our annie (as in, poor things, they have to celebrate their anniversary with Panda Express and a small snack).  We reassured them that we would be celebrating that weekend, so hopefully they don't think we are total losers!

Anyways, fast forward a few days to Friday...I had been trying to think of a gift for Kai (i'm horrible when it comes to getting him gifts because I usually buy him clothes, which he likes, but I know he would rather get something else), but of course, the only gift I really thought he would want was a surfboard.  Since I have no idea of what to look for when it comes to buying boards, I figured I would let him choose (or that was my excuse since I was bad and didn't actually purchase him a gift).

I didn't feel too bad because I figured Kai wouldn't get me anything either.  He never has the car to himself since I drop him off and pick him up every day, and I am always with him outside of work.  BUT, on Friday morning (Kai had the day off because it was Admissions Day), I woke up to breakfast in bed!  I heard Kai get up and messing around in the kitchen.  At that point, I figured things could go 1 of 2 ways...1) He was making me breakfast in bed, or 2) He was making himself breakfast.  So basically, I was either going to be really happy, or pissed (In my defense, I make him eggs, bacon, and sausage EVERY morning) :)  Luckily, the husby was on his game and sure enough, after a little waiting and pretending to be asleep, in he walked with delicious breakfast!  Then, after breakfast, I went into the kitchen to find a bag of Pirates Booty (which I had been telling him I wanted...of course, its food), and a gift card for a mani/pedi at the local salon.  I'm still not positive when he got those things without me noticing, but it was a pleasant surprise.

We relaxed a bit and then decided to go on an overnight camp (post to come).  Then, Saturday night, we drove out to Princeville to have dinner at Nanea, a restaurant at the Westin.  We were both pretty beat from the days activities (we had gotten home from camping, went surfing for a few hours, and then got back and had to unload/unpack our camping gear), so we almost didn't go, but we figured, we had to take advantage of the special occasion!  I'm sooo glad we did!  I was skeptical at the beginning when, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get ahold of someone to make a reservation.  I had to call 4 times before I was able to talk to someone, and I had to talk to the concierge to see if they could just go down and talk to the restaurant since when they transferred me before, it went to the front desk, or to the restaurant, where NO ONE picks up!  I told them I didn't want to drive 30 mins unless I knew I could get in, so after a long wait, the concierge said we were set.  Only then, did we get a call from the restaurant to 'confirm' our reservation on the patio.  When we got there, the girl said it was going to be about a 45 minute wait for a table on the patio...shocking because we had made a reservation.  But then she started rambling on making absolutely no sense about why even though we had a reservation, we were still going to have to wait 45 minutes.  I was getting super irritated, so we finally decided to just sit inside (which honestly ended up being sooooo much better for us!) so we wouldn't have to wait so long.   

All I have to say about the rest is history...the food was ammaaaazzzing!  Not gonna lie, for the most part, i'm not a huge fan of the food choices here..most places are expensive and there aren't many  options...BUT, enough of me complaining.  I wish I could eat there EVERY DAY!  All their food is organic, and it was nice having a fine dining option, that rivals the options we had in LA :)

We started off with a pineapple mango coconut smoothie, seafood chowder, and crab cakes with scallops, which all were delicious!  Not to mention their homemade ciabatta rolls with garlic butter...I could eat those all day!

Then, for our main courses, I had the beef tenderloin and Kai got the boneless short ribs.  Usually when we go out, I order a dish that Kai loves and his dish doesn't end up being the best.  Well, luckily for us, both dishes were sooo good!  We were so full from our appetizers that we couldn't even finish all our food (which pretty much never happens with Kai...he finishes his food, AND mine).

Of course, we couldn't pass up dessert, so we shared a warm pineapple cake that was just the right size!  We love love loved everything about our meal!  Not to mention, they comped it for us when they found out it was our anniversary! 

All in all, it was a great way to celebrate our 'happy annie'!  Here is to another year...maybe next year i'll post less than 20 days after the fact :)


  1. Ahhh how romantic! Don't worry, everyone questions their marriage when times get tough. Relationships are very difficult. Happy anniversary!