Thursday, March 24, 2011

Roma - Part II


The Coliseum

Funny story about the picture on the right...there are a bunch of people dressed up like Romans who take pictures with tourists. While I was trying to figure out how to get into the Roman Forum, one of the guys, who looked like Fabio and talked like Arnold said to Kai, "Wanna peechure body?" Maybe you had to be there, but it was pretty funny.

The Roman Forum

Kai's favorite place in Rome: Vittorio Emmanuele Building. This place is pretty can't sit down on the stairs at all or else the guards will get you...and they are total sticklers.

On the back side of the Vittorio Emannuele is Campodoglio...can't remember any special facts about it, but it was pretty!

The next day, we checked out of our hotel...and Kai was sad :(

We hit up the Spanish Steps, which oddly enough, we thought we had seen on our first day, BUT thankfully, someone corrected us, so we made it there on our last day!

There was a bum who was lying down on the grass when we went to the park...oh wait...thats Kai!

Overlooking the city!

There was a Michael Jackson impersonator down below by the monument who was really good and actually looked a lot like Michael! He got a huge crowd and did a bunch of dances, not to mention that he had his own manager who was massaging his shoulders and coordinating who took pictures with him when he wasn't performing!

Scams: So one of the scams that we saw all over the place was the rose scam. There are lots of Indian people in Rome and many of them are street vendors...for those who aren't selling purses, sunglasses, or knick knacks, there are the rose men. They carry around red roses and give them to tourists. The trick is they start out by trying to give it out, and when people say no, they say, it is a free gift! Then, when you accept, they will follow you around and pester you to give them something for it...needless to say, many tourists get sucked in. Thankfully, we ran into some other people who warned us ahead of time, so we knew to steer clear.

Anyways, affter we watched Michael Jackson perform, we decided to people watch for a bit...and of course, the rose men were working hard. We watched as one guy gave roses to a few girls in a big group. He was very friendly and offered to take a picture for one group, but while he was taking their picture, the other couple left. So once he took the picture, he was on the hunt for the other couple. We watched as he got mad and started asking the other rose men where they went...finally, he spotted them and went straight in to get his money. The woman was a little irritated so after he started hassling her for money, she told him, "You GAVE it to me as a GIFT!". Anyways, he was not having it and was clearly mad, so he grabbed the rose back and she walked off. Immediately after she turned, he dipped the rose in the fountain to get it fresh looking again, put a huge smile on his face, and offered the same rose to the next girl walking past. It was pretty funny to see how fast he changed from happy/nice to mad to happy/nice.

Kai found this hackey sack in our flat in London and brought it everywhere! It drove me crazy!

Last day nutella/banana crepe! It was delicious!

The Pantheon (in the daylight)Our last pizza in Roma

Another stop at the Trevi Fountain

And thats about it for Rome!

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  1. Love it! Okay I wish someone would have told me about the stupid rose scams! I totally fell victim to that one! Johns like give it back to him it's not free! I was like he said it was free! I gave it back but felt like an idiot! I loved Rome! Loved the coliseum and the forum! The Spanish Steps were pretty too! John was the only one who climbed to the too! I was too lazy. Haha! Great pics! Isnt the food the best there? See you tomorrow!