Sunday, March 27, 2011


Florence favorites:

(The problem with blogging about things months after they have happened is that you don't really remember much! Anyways, in the interest of getting these up so I don't feel like I am behind in blogging, check out the highlights.)

First things first, we went to the Duomo, which was sweet! We went inside and looked around and then I wanted to go to the top. It was pretty expensive to go to the top, not to mention there was a huge line and you had to walk up all the stairs to the top. I really wanted to go, so Kai decided he would just look around and I could go to the top. He totally missed out! I went to the top, and the view was amazing! I loved it up there, although I looked like a total loser taking pictures of myself. People kept looking at me like, did she really come up here by herself?!

See, the view is awesome! And you can see EVERYTHING!

We also went to see the David, which was expensive, and kind of overrated in my opinion. The actual statue is really cool and when you think about the work that went into making something that big look that good, its impressive. So there are tons of people in the museum to see the David and a bunch of them take pictures. The museum has a few workers in the area who go around and tell people not to take pictures. Of course, I just wanted one, so I took one and then the lady said, 'No Foto!'. I put my camera away and then she ran to the next person and put her hand in front of their camera and yelled, 'No Foto!' Is it bad that I felt like I was entitled to one picture since I paid so much? I didn't have a flash, so it didn't ruin the statue....hmmm...

We went to Piazelle Michelangelo around sunset and it was beautiful!

I thought this apron was funny...

Our hotel recommended this place and it was well worth it. It was a small place that only opens for dinner. Kai had rabbit and I had some chicken dish, but they were both really tastey! The only annoying thing is that some guy from the street came in and started playing his guitar and singing by us. We didn't ask him to come, but he was in there thing you know, he is asking for tips. I'm sorry, but if I have no choice whether you are singing by me, I don't feel obligated to tip you. Maybe that makes me cheap, but oh well!

After dinner, we were walking around and I had a craving for a crepe...there are tons of sweet shops, but none of them made crepes, tons of them did waffles, but no crepes. Anyways, I was getting tired of walking around and was about to give up looking when we found this gelato shop that made crepes! An asian guy, who spoke italian made my crepe (side note: it seriously trips me out so much when I see asian people who speak other languages (other than english) it is their first language!). It was soooo good! Possibly one of the best crepes I had the whole time I was there!

As we left the crepe shop, this guy was putting on a mime show (or he just didn't talk the entire time...not sure if that makes him a mime...). He grabbed this little girl from the crowd and she was totally perfect for the show, not to mention that he was hilarious! Me and Kai were cracking up the whole time. One of his skits is to have people kiss him on the cheek. All the girls do and then when he goes to the guy, the guy says no, but then after lots of prodding, the guy finally agrees. BUT then, the mime man turns his head at the last second and they kiss on the mouth! It is always sooo funny to see the reaction cause people are laughing and the actual guy who gets tricked is sooo disgusted! **Side note: Apparently this trick is pretty common since one of our friends had been the guy who gets kissed on the lips!

After the street performer, we walked some more and found a merry go round! It was in the middle of this big plaza and no one was watching it, but it was still going around. I wanted to get on, but I was too scared, so we took pictures in front of it instead :)

Next day: We hit up the waffle place and Kai got a waffle with gelato, whip cream, and nutella...he was loving his life!

Then we snuck in to this museum (can't remember the name of it) and it was awesome. Basically, we walked in the exit and then realized we were in, so we just went with it and saw half the museum until someone realized we didn't have tickets.

Kai in the entrance to the museum

Then we walked to the Ponte Veccio bridge, sat on the wall and ate some pizza, and watched these kids learn how to row. Their teacher had them paddle in a stationary boat, and then finally let them go out on their own. At first I was jealous and really wanted to try, but then after they were going up and down the river over and over, I was over it :)

That's pretty much it for the Florence adventure...and I am done blogging about Italy!!!

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  1. Kai did miss out on the view! Florence is beautiful :)
    I remember being shocked at how big Michelangelo is (I was 18 at the time so when I say "big" it's completely innocent ;)
    Michelangelo is a genius!