Monday, August 30, 2010

Costa Rica - Funnest Honeymoon Ever!!!

The day after our wedding, Kai and I took off for Costa Rica! We flew from Salt Lake to Atlanta to Costa Rica. Anyways, the pilot announced that we would be landing 30 minutes earlier than expected, and then I fell asleep. Next thing I new, I woke up and the flight attendant was saying we would be landing in Managua in about 45 minutes! I'm not a geography genius, but since I was supposed to fly into Managua, NICARAGUA a few years ago to build houses (a trip that didn't end up happening, but thats a whole other story), I was a little confused since I thought we were going to Costa Rica.

Anyways, apparently, there was a bad storm in Costa Rica and there was a thick fog over the landing strip, so we couldn't land. We circled as long as we could, but then they flew us to Nicaragua to refuel and figure out whether we would be able to fly back that night. After a few hours of sitting (or sleeping, in my case) on the plane, we finally took off and landed in Costa Rica at around 2am.

Now, for the fun part! We stayed at Anamaya Resort, which was AMAZING!!! Everything about it was great! We stayed in the Bali House, which had a view of the ocean and its own porch, hammock, outdoor bathroom, etc. We met fun people, ate great food, and did lots of fun stuff! We went on a canopy tour, cliff jumping off a waterfall, ropeswinging, surfing, snorkeling, and on a boat trip to Tortuga Island.

If anyone is looking for a great vacation spot, I cannot recommend Costa Rica enough! It is sooo beautiful and relaxing! I can't wait to go back!!!


  1. Hey Nikki! Wow it has been a long time! What a fun honeymoon. This is Chelsea Niumatalolo Wheeler by the way...if you're ever interested our blog is

  2. Wow! That sounds like it was amazing! What a fun honeymoon! Can't wait to hear and see about all your adventures from London! ; )

  3. nikki,

    I am so sad i missed your wedding! we wanted to go so bad! You look so beautiful! I am so happy for you! we went to costa rica for christmas and it was so much fun! I am so jealous you got to go on your honeymoon. let me know if you guys ever in town, we would love to hang out (steph included)---Chelsey (brady) Felman

  4. Nikki! Looks like Costa Rica was a blast. I'll have to have Dane take me there sometime. London looks pretty cool too. Hope you are having fun! Glad you have a blog.